To Buy or Not to Buy? Oat Spray by Browns

To Buy or Not to Buy? Oat Spray by Browns

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Number 4 in the series of Saskia discussing a variety of merchandise specifically marketed to guinea pigs and their owners. Is it good or is it not?

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35 thoughts on “To Buy or Not to Buy? Oat Spray by Browns

  • You should do a video on your food list. Get it out there not to feed cruciferous veggies because they cause bloat. Too many people still recommend feeding it. I read about a vet saying that about 20% of his cases were from bloat.

  • I've used it before from the local pet store. We have not had issues and it's only like $3.00. My pigs like but I know it's fattening so we only feed like 1-2 times a week.

  • I planted rolled oats, and they regrow every year, and I just give them the fresh stuff. And they love the oats and leave the rest. But its used as a treat. Not and everyday thing. But in the spring when it grows. I got the rolled oats from feed store. And it was cheaper. And the husks were already off. And they weren't interested in it. But my rabbits loved it. But they too got bored with it. That's when I took the entire huge bag and did my growing experiment. And there was wheat in is as well. So they LOVE the wheat when it regrows! But like I said it's given as a treat in the growing season.

  • I think there are so many options for fresh and even free treats for your piggies that there's really no need to buy any of that store bought junk.

  • i have a pig that can go in with ANYPIG and make them calm and happy, her name is Crystal shes white with red eyes :3 (WITH a cowlick on her head) shes the cutest chubbiest thing you would ever see)

  • Hi Saskia I was wondering if you have ever trimmed a Guinea pigs back molars? A little skinny pig I just got is showing signs of maloccluded teeth and I was wondering if that is something you can do at home. I have done the front teeth but never the back. Thank you for your time.

  • Unfortunately a few months ago I purchased 25 lbs of oat hay as a supplement for my piggies timothy hay. After seeing Scotty's video about the oat hay and reading some horror stories about the spikey spray getting stuck in a piggies eye, I stopped giving it. So now only my Bunbun gets the oat hay. So now I supplement with bluegrass hay or orchard grass hay for my piggies and Bunbun too. Thank you Scotty and Saskia!

  • My piggies love these, I buy them alot, and I buy them a good while before the date expired, they're fresh, and actually oat hay does have seed heads, so does most other hays, but I could buy oat hay with those oat heads, and they love them. I have never had a piggy have any problems with them, and they definitely enjoy them. Small pet select has oat fidget sticks, which is twisted oat hay in a stick form which has many sprays on them. Piggies can eat oats, more so when underweight, but I see nothing wrong with them, especially fresh. However, they are a money thing of course!

  • I had bought this for my piggies a long time ago. One of them got a hay husk (they have little barbs on them) in her eye. She had to be sedated to get it out because it was stuck to her eyeball. It was horrible. Never again!

  • I noticed on the Do Not feed list you had cabbage, when I got my guinea pigs from pets at home (never again) they told me to feed cabbage every day, I knew it was wrong but my mum trusted them and for the first maybe month of their lives they must have been very uncomfortable. I convinced her to change to lettuce after that. I never stopped learning about them and we may even be getting them a shed this year.

  • The oxbow treats look way better than the oat spray. Both guineapigs and rabbits don't need the excess fat from seeds.
    I'm going to order some oxbow, that looks tasty.
    Such sweet piggies, I'd find it difficult ultimately to not get distracted for the whole day! ❤❤❤

  • I get Oaten chaff in a combo mix with 2 other types of hay all year, so that my gang of piggies always have hay especially when the bales of hay can be harder to come by locally. The oaten chaff has the seed pods in, but the are a lot healthier and smaller than the ones in the video and my piggies go nuts for them. I now have my own patches of oats growing in my lawn due to my piggies. I had tomatoes growing in my lawn too, but we pulled the plants out and put them in pots.

  • I've given oat sprays to my pigs, those don't have the stalks attached. The whole thing is normally about 70cm long with a thick hay like stalk with those seeds on the end.

  • love your videos great for first time guinea pig owners like myself but video ended before you finished discussing the vitamin C cookies are they good substitute for piggie who only likes leafy veggies no fruits will only eat leaf of strawberrys wont touch any fruit

  • I have a question. Have you ever used/heard of VIBACTRA? It helps with guinea pigs immune and oral support. I am just curious if you have any thoughts on it. 😉

  • i wish i had somebody like you all where I live for my guinea pigs. Just to do a well check up and to visit and ask questions. Every vet around here knows nothing or doesn't work with guinea pigs.

  • These videos save me so much money. Thank you for all the advice 🙂 My piggies are safe and healthy thanks to you! Pet stores give a lot of terrible advice.

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