That Trick I Do – beekeeping hive inspection

That Trick I Do - beekeeping hive inspection

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Generally I like to be very respectful of the temperature and weather when I do a beekeeping hive inspection. The bees work really hard to keep their hives humidity and temperatures at a good constant level… especially when they are raising brood (baby bees). This is why I haven’t done to many beekeeping episodes here on the Daddykirbs Farm. The weather has been too wet, too cold, too windy… just not good for the bees. Today I felt like it was good enough to get into the hives to check it out. Welcome to the 2019 beekeeping season!

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21 thoughts on “That Trick I Do – beekeeping hive inspection

  • thanks for the video.
    What kind of rubber gloves do yo wear and where do you get them. Do you get stings through them?

  • Yeah sure rub it in, t-shirt, really? Just kidding but I am envious, my t-shirt days are relegated to indoors for a few months yet.  🙂  Keep it up buddy.

  • An easy gate for your bee area would be something like what you have now.
    A rope like the movie ushers use to keep people out.

  • Today it’s too cold for our bees to be out. I do the exact same thing as far as knocking on each hive. I know what each hive’s “note” is supposed to be, so I can quickly make sure the hive is doing fine without disturbing them. When it’s cold they cluster around the queen so they keep her warm.

  • Love the bee vids, always! As you were opening and tipping the lid of hive 2 to peek in, I found myself leaning to the left of my computer screen as you were slowly opening it, like my leaning makes a difference seeing any sooner, ha, ha ,ha, hmmmm . . . Can't wait for the weather to get warmer so when you do the hive checks, maybe we can see the queens and more of the inner workings of the Kirby BeeHood. Thank you for taking the time to care and share the Kirbpiary. Tao and Maggie are sweet, maybe some equine time with Adelynn? (I know how busy your family is), BUT . . . The Kirby journey has so much to offer and tell, Our curious eyes and hearts wanna see and know, we love being a part of it all . . . Thank you for sharing today. . .As always . . . Be Kind, Be Light, Be Love to one another, Help, Hear, Listen and Enjoy each other! . . . .Just Be! Love you guys!

  • This year will be my first. I have three hives purchased/built and one nuc and one package purchased. I have also purchased a queen for June delivery. Plan to do one split to have 3 hives my 1st year. Thanks for all the videos. Mack Bees

  • Hive 3 is kinda acting like Hive 6 used to. 😉 My bees are still buried in snow. What are you planning to consume on the "Consuming stuff with daddykirbs show" on Saturday?

  • If they swarm… where do they go? I obviously know NOTHING about bees. You don't have to answer that. I can do some research.

  • So do they make their own honey comb (pardon my ignorance). Or do you give them a framework?

  • Condition [of the bees] is … Condition is your subject – it is singular. You were right.

  • That's awesome! I am good friends with our local honey farmers that live just down the road of our new house! We are hoping to maybe have a hive this year but we have never done it

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